A word from the Dean 
Dean Don Hudspeth


Dear students,

Welcome to the RIT Croatia website. We are a global campus of Rochester Institute of Technology, based in Rochester, NY, which is a well-established, prestigious, career-focused American university with origins that date back to 1829. RIT Croatia is the only American owned and run academic institution in the region, and more importantly, the only one that grants both Croatian and an American diploma for undergraduate programs.

The knowledge you gain through your life is one of the greatest assets for developing your career and shaping your future. What you learn in your formal education and through professional development seminars and certificate programs, and how you put that knowledge into practice, is what sets you on a path for life. This is why we offer our students and the participants in our educational programs, learning which combines both theory and practice.

If you are looking for top quality preparation to start or continue a career in business, or the tourism and hospitality industry, or information technology, and whether you wish to work in Croatia or around the world, RIT Croatia is the right place for you. 

Don Hudspeth

President and Dean