The Student Government is a self-governing organization of and for the students of RIT Croatia. The Student Government works to improve the quality of student life at RIT Croatia.  The RIT Croatia Student Government represents all RIT Croatia students.

The Student Government is represented through an elected body, called the Executive Committee. Executive Committee consists of two RIT Croatia Student Government Executive committees: RIT Croatia Dubrovnik campus Student Government Executive Committee and RIT Croatia Zagreb campus Student Government Executive Committee. They are all together responsible for the establishment of Student Government long-range goals, organizing various student events, managing the Student Government financial funds, preparation of the budget and disbursement of funds to student events and projects and dealing with suggestions and issues raised by the students regarding programs, courses and classes.

The Executive Committee also works on establishing relationships that are beneficial for RIT Croatia and its students with such organizations as the RIT Student Government, the Croatian Student Organization, Croatian Student Council of Universities and University Colleges of Applied Sciences, global campuses and other organizations.

The members of the Student Government divide various functions among themselves, such as taking care of events and sports activities and helping student clubs with their operations.  The Student Government will ensure that the interests of all the students are properly represented as well as addressed by RIT Croatia’s administration, staff and faculty. In order to assure this, Executive Committee will announce frequent open forums where students will be able to participate.

Participation in Student Government, college clubs, and sport teams is encouraged at RIT Croatia; however, it is important to recognize that the primary focus of college is on learning and career development. Being involved in Student Government activities is a great experience and valuable addition to a student’s CV. All information for Executive Committee elections and Student Government activities will be available at the RIT Croatia website.

Student Government  Consortium

The consortium of RIT’s student governments, takes place on a different campus each year and includes, Dubrovnik, Zagreb, Dubai, Kosovo and the Rochester campus students. The main goal is to share thoughts and ideas on the student experience, as well as exchange best practices from each campus, with a purpose to continually upgrade student life at RIT globally. This event builds better cooperation among campuses and a more unified approach to student life utilizing all resources made available to us by RIT.