Let’s meet!


Remember the "Leksikon" frenzy waaaay back from the 1990’s? No? Let’s take you back in time:

Leksikon was a notebook that was shared among classmates/friends with all those funny questions and even funniest answers, and then later on it was treasured and saved for years as a great memory of the good old young days :)

And this is basically what we are aiming to achieve with the modern, digital version that we called "Let's meet!”  Our goal is to involve all of us at RIT Croatia, students, faculty, staff, alumni, and it serves one purpose – to get to know each other better in a funny and relaxed way.

You might think that we already know so much about each other, but in fact, there are a lot of fun facts still left unspoken…What’s someone’s favorite sound, favorite day in the past, or if one is to have a super a super power which one would it be...?

Wanna know what our people answer to some of the unexpected questions?

Click on their photos to find out :)

Peter Schmidt                                                        Andrea Kecić 
Ivan Smoljan                                                          Nina Mimica                                               

Kevin Walker                                                          Matko Piškor

Ines Nanić                                                              Maja Obadić

Vanja Vejzagić                                                        Petar Klešković

Daniela Kunej                                                          Ana Andrijašević

Milena Kužnin                                                         Josip Cukrov

Ivana Pađen

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