Alumni Donations Program

Alumni donations program is a fundraising program designed for Alumni who want to support RIT Croatia and give back to the next generation of RIT students. We invite you to help us create great experiences for today’s and future generations - every donation counts and the combined impact of Alumni donations can really make a difference for an individual student.

The purpose of the Alumni donations program is to give our accomplished and successful Alumni an opportunity to give back and help future generations of tigers through:

  • Financial support for students
  • Improvement of student life and experiences
  • Maintain leading-edge academic programs

Message from RIT Croatia Alumni President and Vice President

As the current RIT Croatia Alumni leadership, we are working hard to keep us connected to each other, and to our university. The time has come, where we, as the alumni community can take the next step. Show your support to the community and to the university by donating to the RIT Croatia Alumni donation program. We will be looking to offer more scholarships, organize more events, reach more alumni and reach future students with your help. Thank you for your support.

Angela & Zoran


More information on how you can give back to the next generation of RIT students can be found below.

Payment information

  • Beneficiary's Name: RIT Croatia, Don Frana Bulica 6, 20000 Dubrovnik
  • IBAN (Account Number): HR2724840081135102302
  • Model (Payment Code): 99
  • Description: Donation

If making a wire transfer please take the following information to your bank:*

Beneficiary's Name:

RIT Croatia

Don Frana Bulica 6

20000 Dubrovnik


Bank Name: Bank Address:

Raiffeisenbank Austria d.d.

Magazinska cesta 69,

10000 Zagreb


IBAN (International Bank Account Number):




Purpose (Description):


* Please note that RIT Croatia can accept payments in Croatian Kuna (within Croatia), EUR and USD (international payments/wire transfers).


For differences between trade, company, or individual person tax implications when giving a donation, please see document HERE.