Admissions based on state exam results

To apply for admission to RIT Croatia using the state exam results, candidates should:

  • complete the online application form
  • submit high school transcripts and the State Exam results (English and Math results, A or B level)
  • write and submit a motivational essay in English (A4, min. 300 words)
  • participate in a motivational interview in English with one of our faculty or staff

Based on the results of the State Exam eligible students are:

  • high school seniors who took the State Exam and obtained their results
  • candidates who finished their high school education in previous years and obtained their results

    Levels and subjects that must be completed on the State Exam include:

     English  B level
     Math  B level

    After submitting the State Exam results, candidates will be invited for a motivational interview and later on informed of an admission decision by phone or e-mail. 

    If a candidate wishes to apply for a scholarship or financial aid, it is necessary to apply when filling out the application form (under question: Are you applying for Financial Aid?). After submitting an electronic application our Admission office will contact you to provide further information.

    *RIT Croatia has the right to additionally test candidates' knowledge of English 

    Important note: Candidates who are applying for the New Media Design undergraduate program are required to submit their portfolio as a part of the admission process. An A3 or B3 portfolio needs to include at least 10 samples of the original artwork. The artwork may be observational drawings (at least three), original or computer-generated graphics, motion graphics, photographs, animations, and 3D models or renderings. Candidates must provide a link where interactive and digital work can be viewed/downloaded and physical drawings must be delivered to RIT Croatia (via post or in person). Portfolios will be returned to candidates after the admission process is completed.

    All portfolios will be reviewed by a panel of three faculty members: the program area head, a faculty member in the field of arts, and a faculty member in the field of technical sciences. Portfolio is delivered to RIT Croatia's Admissions Office and all candidates for this program will receive instructions on how to proceed with this step.

    For additional information please contact the Admission office:
    T. + 385 (0)1 643 9100 - T. +385 (0)20 433 000 - E-mail: