Admissions through the Become a Student system

Candidates may apply to RIT Croatia through the "Postani student" system ( Through the Postani student system students can choose a program of study. After receiving their State Exam results students will be able to confirm their acceptance with the previously chosen RIT Croatia program.

Levels and subjects that must be completed on the State Exam include:

  • English  – B level
  • Math – B level
In order to support students' studies, qualified candidates are granted substantial financial support in the form of financial aid for enrollment in the 2019/2020 academic year. Through the Postani student system it is not possible to apply for financial aid. If a candidate wishes to apply for a scholarship or financial aid, it is necessary to apply when filling out the  application form (under question: Are you applying for Financial Aid?). Applicants are encouraged to apply as early as possible, even at the start of their senior year  of high school, in order to secure a place at RIT Croatia and be eligible to receive financial aid. Also, candidates who complete the admission process before taking the state graduation exam (under question: Are you applying for Financial Aid?) have a greater chance of receiving financial aid or scholarships.

More information on the state graduation exam can be found at Postani Student

For additional information please contact the Admission office:
T. + 385 (0)1 643 9100 - T. +385 (0)20 433 000 - E-mail: