About Cooperative Education

The Cooperative Education (co-op) program is one of the key features of an RIT Croatia education. Co-op is a requirement for every student. Through co-op, students gain hands-on experience in a career field that interest them, acquire professional work experience, develop a network of business contacts, and develop skills necessary to achieve success in their career.

Co-op needs to be closely related to the study program. It is designed as a productive work experience for both the student and the employer. In the long run, students' experiences shape the opinions and attitudes about your company, the industry and their future career. Employers have the opportunity to meet young, talented students who are enthusiastic and highly interested in learning your industry.

Our co-op program was created based on the success of RIT's co-operative education program, one of the oldest and largest co-op programs in the world. Information Technology/Web and Mobile Computing, International Business and Hospitality and Tourism Management students complete their co-ops after their sophomore and junior year, where they spend a minimum of 800 hours conducting their co-op.

How can you determine which position would be suitable for a student in your organization?

  • Define a project or develop a research project the organization plans to carry out.
  • Define a position for a co-op student. This can includes various tasks and projects the student could work on and apply the skills obtained through their studies. Projects should contribute to the company and the student’s work should help increased productivity of other employees.
  • Develop a training program. Students should have the opportunity to learn about the various departments or divisions within your company to gain a complete picture of how your organization functions and how their involvement on their assigned project contributes to the overall success of the company.

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