RIT Croatia Vision, Mission and Core Values

Our Vision

Committed to personal excellence, RIT Croatia will be the university of first choice in south Central Europe for globally minded students who wish to receive an American education and excel in their careers.

Our Mission

Future-oriented, committed to integrity, academic excellence, personal and professional growth, RIT Croatia:
  • Builds diverse learning communities that transcend geographical boundaries.
  • Creates bonds between students, alumni, faculty and industry.
  • Fosters innovation, creativity, and an entrepreneurial spirit.
  • Promotes a rich research portfolio through global campus collaboration and international partnerships.

Our Core Values

In our everyday work we are guided by the following values:

  • Excellence: We dedicate resources and encourage behaviors that lead to academic and personal achievement.
  • Global Mindedness: As citizens of the world we promote global ideas that span local and regional perspectives.
  • Inclusiveness: We encourage and build an environment of diverse communities.
  • Integrity: We adhere to, and strongly promote, high ethical principles/standards.
  • Open-mindedness: We welcome new ideas and novel views that challenge existing mindsets and shape the future.
  • Team-SpiRIT: We engage all stakeholders in collaborative processes that strengthen commitment to achieving common goals.
  • Trust: We value honesty, lead through empowerment, and nurture a culture where failure is viewed as an opportunity to learn.

RIT Croatia Strategic Plan – Committed to Greatness