RIT Croatia Vision, Mission and Core Values

Our Vision and Mission

Through future ready education and research excellence, we add value to society. We inspire a growth mindset, preparing individuals to become leaders, lifelong learners and responsible global citizens.

    Our Core Values

    In our everyday work we are guided by the following values:

    • Excellence: We dedicate resources and encourage behaviors that lead to academic and personal achievement.
    • Global Mindedness: As citizens of the world we promote global ideas that span local and regional perspectives.
    • Inclusiveness: We encourage and build an environment of diverse communities.
    • Integrity: We adhere to, and strongly promote, high ethical principles/standards.
    • Open-mindedness: We welcome new ideas and novel views that challenge existing mindsets and shape the future.
    • Team-SpiRIT: We engage all stakeholders in collaborative processes that strengthen commitment to achieving common goals.
    • Trust: We value honesty, lead through empowerment, and nurture a culture where failure is viewed as an opportunity to learn.

    RIT Croatia Strategic Plan – Committed to Greatness