Truly American University

RIT Croatia is a global campus of an American university, Rochester Institute of Technology. That means that by studying here, you can earn an American and a Croatian (EU) degree. We are a truly international university; all of the lectures will be held, and all of the educational material will be provided in English language. If you would like to know more about the admission process, everything you should know is explained in this video

A Guide to RIT Croatia Application Process

Two Amazing Campuses

RIT Croatia has two modern campuses, one in Zagreb, the capital and biggest metropolitan area, and one in Dubrovnik, one the most beautiful historical cities on the Adriatic coast. Both Zagreb and Dubrovnik are vibrant communities, widely considered to be the among the best places to live in Croatia. RIT Croatia’s two campuses both have undergraduate and graduate programs and a diverse student body. Around 30% of RIT students come from abroad, and international offices are fully prepared to provide assistance to ensure smooth adjustment to RIT Croatia campuses in both Dubrovnik and Zagreb. If you would like to know more about the campuses, feel free to take one of our virtual tours.

Zagreb Campus
Dubrovnik Campus

International Office

Any questions you might have can be directed to our international offices at both campuses. The Offices provide up to date information to incoming international students and help with procuring temporary stay permits, as well as provide options for housing. Once our incoming international students confirm their enrollment, the Admissions Office connects them to the International Office via email, and further communication regarding temporary stay permit and housing is done directly between the International Office and students.

Croatian Visa Requirements & Work

Croatia is a member of the EU and if you are a national of a country outside of it, you may need to procure an entry visa. Everything there is to know about the process can be found on the web site of the Croatian Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs.  If you are looking for student job opportunities while you’re studying in Croatia, we have good news. All full-time students at Croatian higher education institutions, including international students, can apply for occasional student jobs in Croatia up to 20 hours a week.

At RIT Croatia, you are on to something amazing!