Alumni Student Mentorship Program

One of the main strategic goals at RIT Croatia is Experiential learning. Program organized to serve that purpose is Alumni Student mentorship program. The purpose of the program is to connect students with alumni based on their mutual professional interests. The program is especially beneficial for the students because it is the opportunity for the students to network and to learn from the first hand about certain industries, companies, position, corporate cultures, and much more.

The program lasts for 6 months, usually from March 1st to August 31st. Alumni office sends the first announcement about the program and application form to the students. Students interested for the program state the field of their interest (industry and/or department) in the application form. After we identify students who are interested for the program and fields of their interest, the second announcement is sent to Alumni community along with the application form. In the application form, Alumni will state the field of their expertize. At the end of the process, Alumni office matches each Alumni and student according to their interests (students) and expertise (Alumni). During the program it is expected that mentor and mentee will met virtually or in person at least once per month.