Your education is a wise investment in your future. Through high quality academic programs and the benefits of a prestigious American diploma, RIT Croatia offers an excellent return on that investment. Every year we secure a significant amount of money for scholarships and financial aid to help qualified college students finance their education.

Are you thinking about your options for higher education andavailable scholarships?  APPLY NOW and find outwhat makes RIT Croatia unique!

students and high school seniors can apply for financial support and scholarship contests

Scholarship and financial support

In order to support qualified students in financing their studies, RIT Croatia has secured over € 350,000.00 for scholarships and financial aid for undergraduate students that enroll in the academic year 2022/2023. Scholarships and financial aid are monetary funds applied towards the tuition cost of attending the university over four years of study.
Scholarships can be applied to the following undergraduate programs: Hospitality and Tourism Management, International Business, and Web and Mobile Computing.

Candidates who complete their application form by February 15, 2022 will be given priority consideration for financial aid.
Applications received after February 15 will be considered for financial aid if remaining funds are available.

Financial Aid

Financial aid is awarded in the amount of € 1,000.00 to € 10,000.00. The amount awarded is deducted from the student's total annual tuition amount. The total amount of financial aid granted is divided into four years of study, and can cover up to 40% percent of tuition costs. To apply for financial aid answer "YES" in the application form when asked: Are you applying for Financial Aid? Also provide information about your average monthly family income (family net monthly income) and your family status (single/two parent household).

Financial aid is awarded to students according to the following criteria  
  • financial need (estimated income of parents/guardians and the number of household members). This data is subsequently checked
  • motivation for studying at RIT Croatia (assessed through the motivational essay/motivational interview)
  • academic achievements during high school and/or entrance exam results

To apply for financial aid you should:
  1. complete the online application form
  2. submit your high school transcripts
  3. write and submit a motivational essay in English (A4, min. 400 words)
  4. participate in a motivational interview (in English) with one of our faculty or staff
  5. submit transcripts from the other higher education institution (transfer students)
  6. submit documentation regarding financial status of the family (upon request)

Eligible students are all senior high schools students, students who wish to transfer from other universities (transfer students), and candidates who finished high school in the previous years.


Unlike financial aid, which is granted based on success and the financial needs of the candidates, scholarships for college are grants exclusively based on the previous academic achievements or success achieved in the scholarship contests organized by RIT Croatia. During the year, several scholarship contests are announced on our website and on Facebook. All candidates who contact our Admissions office and show interest in becoming first year students at RIT Croatia will be informed about all scholarship opportunities via e-mail.

Samples of previous contests include:
  • The English Language Contest –English language test and a presentation on a given topic
  • Information Technology Challenge – information technology test and a project/presentation on a given topic
  • Entrance Exam Scholarship Contest – Math and English test

To participate in the individual scholarship contests you must apply by filling out the form published when the contest is announced.Candidates can apply for financial support and participate in multiple scholarship contests. Candidates can choose to accept the highest amount of a scholarship/financial aid achieved.

All candidates who completed their first 3 years of high school with an A average or equivalent will be offered a scholarship in the amount of 4000 EUR after they get accepted to one of RIT Croatia programs. The award is conditional upon completing the 4th year of high school with an A average or equivalent. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to the current situation caused by COVID-19, which has a significant impact on students who are about to finish high school, RIT Croatia will not condition this scholarship with the requirement of completing the 4th year of high school with an A average, or equivalent. This applies to all candidates who are completing high school in 2021/2022, and applying for enrollment in the academic year 2022/2023.  

For additional information please contact the Admission office:
T. + 385 (0)1 643 9100 - T. +385 (0)20 433 000 - E-mail: