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Do you wish to be a part of one of the top American universities while studying in Croatia? Are you interested in studying in English and obtaining two diplomas (American and Croatian) that help you compete on a global labor market? You came to the right spot!! RIT Croatia is an international campus of RIT, one of the largest private universities in the United States. Located in Rochester, New York, RIT was founded in 1829. It represents one of the respected and prominent universities in the U.S., and is internationally recognized for providing innovative, career-oriented education.

Scholarships and Financial Aid available!

We have secured substantial scholarship and financial aid funds for enrollment in the 2021/2022 academic year. 70% of last year’s applicants that had applied for financial aid were awarded RIT Croatia scholarships and financial aid; your chances of getting a scholarship are high! So hurry up and apply now! 


  • RIT Croatia awards scholarships and financial aid opportunities that cover up to 40 % of total tuition for four years of studying (full scholarships are not available)
  • Apply by December 15th, 2020 and you can get an additional tuition discount!
  • Candidates who apply by February 15th, 2021 will be given priority consideration for need-based financial aid.
  • Students with excellent grades in high school are automatically eligible for the scholarship of 4000 €
  • Learn more about scholarships and financial support from RIT Croatia

As an RIT Croatia student, you can expect contemporary American programs, classes in English, outstanding faculty with rich international academic and professional experience, and classrooms equipped with state-of-the-art technology. If you want to know why you should choose RIT Croatia, click HERE and find out!

We deliver the following US undergraduate programs on our campuses in Dubrovnik and Zagreb:

International Students 

RIT Croatia comprises of an international student and faculty body and is an excellent choice for people who wish to study American programs in a dynamic, international environment. Namely, during an academic year, around 30 percent of students that spend time studying on our campuses are international. They come from countries such as Albania, Australia, Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Canada, China, Germany, Macedonia, Montenegro, Norway, Peru, Russia, Serbia, Slovenia, South African Republic, Switzerland, Turkey, and the United States of America. Our International Student Office provides full support to all incoming international students, helping them with their legal status in Croatia, housing and the overall integration into their new home during their four years of study!

Here’s what some of our Albanian students have said about their student experience at RIT Croatia:

Joana Çipa from Sarande, Hospitality and Tourism Management student, 3rd year

"University in general is a much different world than high school. It is also a big step in someone's life, that's why we invest so much money and time trying to find the perfect match that will unlock the door of success. I am proud to tell you that RIT Croatia has done exactly that for me. It was a big step in my life, away from my home and the world I knew, new system, new people and new culture, but I welcomed those challenges one by one and successfully managed to adopt. However, this would never be possible without the help and support of people in R.I.T, starting from professors, facility and most importantly classmates. When everything is new around you, and you are away from everything familiar it seems hard to adopt and some would say impossible. I know this because not long ago I was in that place. But when you find the right people to hold your hand while you take those small steps once at a time, everything is possible. And I can assure everyone that RIT is full of people like this. It is amazing how soon classmates with turn in the closest friends. They will be the people whom you will share the most important memories with and that will help you in the process of adopting. Through this journey that I still have to finish, I learned one important thing: RIT Croatia holds the key to open my door to my success and to my dreams. That’s why I was to encourage whoever that thinks that their future in the field of Hospitality, Business or IT, to join the amazing family of R.I.T Croatia."

Vjori Hoxha from Tirana, IT/Web and Mobile Computing student, 4th year

"Moving to another country changes your life whether you like it or not. Studying in Croatia, particularly at RIT Croatia, makes you a different person in terms of personal and professional growth. I have become more independent, making my own decisions, and taking advantage of what RIT Croatia offers.I like Croatia, it's people, and RIT Croatia foremost. I believe that taking challenges in your life is a must nowadays in achieving success, and RIT Croatia most certainly brings that on your table. The curriculum is modern and reflects what the industry needs today. Also, we have many opportunities regarding scholarships, CO-OP placements (internships), extracurricular activities (events, and student clubs) study abroad programs (such as Erasmus and RIT Global Scholar), and career advice.Croatians are friendly people, and I am really close with a lot of people - not only in my classes, but also from other majors and other academic years. We have a lot of fun during the school time, but also partying, going to RIT's activities etc. Professors at RIT Croatia are another added value to this school because we are really close to them in terms if we need to talk about something that we do not understand, ask about career advice etc. I most certainly advise the young Albanian folks to study at RIT Croatia because you will be a really good professional person in the industry, you will have many opportunities throughout your years here, and your Bachelor's will be worthy in the Western European countries or USA."

Sabedin Rrahi from Shkodra, International Business Alumnus, Class of 2019

"The reality is that higher education changes the direction of our lives. This is the reason why my parents have invested their money, time and lives in my education. Since childhood, I have dreamed about the business world and leadership. Coming to RIT Croatia seems to be the key to my success in life. Different from many other institutions, RIT Croatia challenges students to deal with a lot of projects, and real job experiences which prepares them for the real world. The relationship between students and professors is incontestable. We are always welcome to go and visit them during office hours, in order to ask them for assistance with solving our course-related issues or to show them our ideas. Another advantage is that RIT has other campuses around the world. I advise everyone to invest in education because that is the path to success. Gain knowledge, travel around the world and have fun. Start doing all this at RIT Croatia."

If you want to know why you should choose RIT Croatia, click HERE and find out!

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