As a global campus of RIT, we are committed to creating the best learning experience for our students, and are, accordingly, continually investing in fruther developing and enhancing our programs, as well as making investments in technologies and facilities our students use. The changing nature of the market conditions we operate in affect the tuition that RIT Croatia’s Board of Trustees defines and approves annually.


Tuition for undergraduate programs

The tuition for students starting the 2021/2022 academic year in either fall or spring, and taking a full course load** (two semesters, each comprising 12-17 semester credits***) amounts to EUR 6,400.00. It can be paid in two installments.

**In case of additional load (attending more than the anticipated number of courses in a semester), each additional credit*** totals EUR 266.67

***The academic credit system is a standard used by universities to measure and assess students’ work and learning outcomes in the course of their studies – just like the ECTS evaluation system (the credit system used in the Bologna Process).

Payment methods for undergraduate students

The tuition can be paid in two equal installments. The deadlines for tuition payments are as follows:

  • August 1, 2021 for the fall semester, and
  • December 1, 2021 for the spring semester.

Tuition payment deadlines for first-time RIT Croatia students are changeable. For more information about installment payment and payment deadlines, please contact our Admission Office at


Tuition for Master of Science programs

The tuition for students enrolling in Master of Science programs in the 2021/2022 academic year amounts to EUR 16,700.00, and covers the following expenses:

  • classes in accordance with the RIT curriculum, including the use of the university’s myCourses IT system
  • all the reading and other materials necessary for the chosen program
  • use of the library and access to RIT digital library
  • use of contemporary equipped computer classrooms
  • academic advising
  • diploma production
  • graduation caps and gowns
  • commencement ceremony
  • use of modernly equipped RIT Croatia gyms.


Payment methods for Master of Science students

Please contact our Admission Office at for more information about the available options and payment deadlines.


Scholarships and financial aid

We offer all our potential and existing students both scholarships and financial aid. Each year we allocate more than HRK 2.6 million for this very purpose. There are two main types of aid: need-based (Financial Aid) and merit-based (Scholarships). In both cases, the candidates need to go through administrative processes of aid approval in line with RIT standards.
To learn more about the availability of scholarships and financial aid please visit the following LINK or contact our Admission Office at


Student loans

There are a number of banks offering student loans that can be used to finance one’s education. You can find out more about these loans and the conditions for taking them out by visiting the following banks’ websites:


Investing in education is one of the most important steps you will take in your life!

In addition to banks’ student loans and RIT Croatia scholarships and financial aid, our students have the opportunity to get paid for doing student jobs. Each year, we offer 40 different on-campus jobs to our students, and many students work part-time off campus as well!

Following are some of the examples of the ways our students finance their studies: