Student Exchange Opportunities

RIT Croatia strongly encourages various opportunities for students to experience international environment and expand their studying experience by being exposed to different cultures. For that reason, RIT Croatia provides vast exchange opportunities for both incoming and outgoing students.

As an international student who is interested in coming to study in Croatia, you can opt for enrolling at RIT Croatia full time, you can look into transferring options from the university you are currently attending or you can just spend a semester at one of our campuses as a non-degree seeking students with the opportunity to transfer credits to your home institution.

RIT Croatia is also actively involved in the Erasmus + student exchange program, which provides opportunities for international students to spend some time at one of our campuses, as well as RIT Croatia students to spend some time at one of our Erasmus + partner institutions throughout Europe.

Full time RIT Croatia students have a unique opportunity to spend a semester at the Rochester or Dubai Campus of RIT through RIT Global Scholar program. Students who are enrolled at the Rochester or Dubai campus can also spend a semester at RIT Croatia's campuses through RIT Global Scholar program.

Following are all study abroad opportunities, depending on the category you are interested in:

Undergraduate programs
Master of Science
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