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RIT Croatia is a private college whose programs are delivered solely from its own financing sources and students scholarships. Students of RIT Croatia have the same rights as full-time students of the state universities (x-ica, health insurance, subsidized transport and student service).

Tuition Fee (Undergraduate programs)

Tuition for entire academic year 2019/2020 is 6.300,00 Euro for 12-17 semester credits. Tuition for 1 semester of the academic year 2019/2020 is 3.150,00 Euro for 12-17 semester credits. Price for 1 semester credit is 262,50 Euro.

Details on calculating tuition:

  • 12-17 semester credits = full tuition
  • Less than 12 semester credits = underload, students pay per every semester credit registered (price for 1 semester credit x total number of credits registered)
  • More than 17 semester credits = overload, students pay full tuition + overload credits (full semester tuition + price for 1 credit x total number of registered credits over 17)
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Tuition Fee (Master of Science program)

To find out information and details about tuition fee for Master of Science program please contact Master of Science enrollment office at: 
Tel: +385 (0)1 643 9100
Cell: + 385 (0)99 731 3647

Tuition includes:
  • interactive courses aligned with the RIT standards using multimedia classrooms 
  • use of On-site Library and On-line RIT's Wallace Library 
  • use of Computer labs equipped with the cutting-edge information equipment and free Internet access 
  • English writing skills improvement through our Writing Lab services
  • academic advising and mentoring
  • Cooperative Education placements; our Career office will help you identify opportunities and open positions
  • accessing myCourses, an online system that provides access to all teaching materials
  • graduation ceremony (diploma, caps and gowns)

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