Dario Drmač
RIT Croatia Class of 2006
Tourism, Hospitality and Service Management

Employer: UNEX Media
Job Title: Digital Media Manager
Additional position: Co-Owner of Basement Wine Bar

Nikola Vukosavljević
RIT Croatia Class of 2006
Tourism, Hospitality and Service Management

Employer: CB Richard Ellis
Job Title: Agency and Corporate Services
Additional position: Co- Owner of Basement Wine Bar

Friends, wine, tasty food, an enjoyable and inviting atmosphere, entertainment, laughter. If you ask any of our friends to name a few things both of us enjoy most, we are sure that nearly all of them would include these words. Not only do we enjoy these things, but we wanted to make them available to other people to enjoy as well, which is how the idea of opening our private business came to mind.

The whole journey began a couple of years ago at one of our favorite "after work" spots on Flower square, as almost every day we got together with our friends for "after work" mingling. That particular day we were chatting about our lives and careers. Both of us were satisfied with our current jobs and careers, but we still felt like we needed to change how we "did" life. We realized how much both of us enjoyed these after-work gatherings where we all escaped from everyday worries and where we just relaxed and enjoyed interacting with our friends while unwinding from the day. This is exactly how the idea of opening a wine bar was born.

We circled the scheme around the idea of creating a place where people could come to connect and relax while enjoying tasty food and good wine in a pleasant and cozy atmosphere. After the idea was set, we came to the stage when we were supposed to pour the idea into reality.

Once we decided what the guiding principle was, we were ready to look for the perfect place. As we learned at RIT Croatia "location, location, location" was one of the most important conditions. However, finding the right space was a very complicated and demanding process, so we spent more than a year searching for it. Finally, in the spring of 2012 we found the perfect place, which we fell in love with at first sight. The space was located in a historical and peaceful location on Tomićeva Street, just a few steps from Zagreb Funicular. A perfect warm interior with a beautiful brick arched ceiling resembled a wine basement and looked very promising. We instantly knew this was the place we had been looking for – maybe even a little more than that. After signing the lease contract, we fine-tuned our business plan and were ready to turn dreams to reality. We shared the idea and the RIT Croatia spirit appeared – all our friends got involved and helped us with advice and networking. We had to put a lot of knowledge, effort, sweat and hard work into completing this project.

Finally, as the outcome of our dream, RIT Croatia spirit and friendships, our willingness and effort, Wine Bar BASMENT opened its door on June 1st, 2012. Today we have all we dreamed about: an inviting and cozy place where people come to enjoy not only each other, but good food and fine wine from all parts of Croatia. Great food, great wine, great people – this is what Wine Bar BASEMENT is all about.

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