Marko Slunjski
RIT Croatia Class of 2004
Tourism, Hospitality and Service Management

Employer: Sense Consulting
Job title: Director


In 1997 I had chance to enroll RIT Croatia in Dubrovnik. I was part of first generation that attended RIT Croatia. Now after 15 years, after domestic and international experience in project management and consulting, after specialization in many different courses you can find me as an executive director in consulting company Sense Consulting.

Five years of studying (graduate and master) and 6 month co-op in USA were perfect preparations for business communication. Team work, guest speakers, co ops and class projects is what makes RIT Croatia so different and great environment to study. Also the fact that we had to use English language in classes helped me a lot.

What helped me to choose my carrier was that I worked one of my co ops in investment sector in bank, then in strategic development of major food company, one in catering and I also had entrepreneurial venture in the floor covering. All those experiences give me an answer to every industry that I worked and all that experiences together were the thing that I wanted. In consulting I only find that combination.

As an advice to future students my belief is that the best system is the system who teaches you how to think and how to prepare for "real life business world". That way also gives as fastest adaptation to our new environment and new job and more chances to be successful.

Marko Slunjski

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