Anđela Matić
RIT Croatia Class of 2004
Tourism, Hospitality and Service Management

Employer: Dubrovnik Partner d.o.o.
Job title: PR & Event Manager


Anđela Matić is a real example of a successful young woman. While completing her studies at RIT Croatia she began her carreer at the Globtour, working from 2000-2003. After that she worked as a promotions manager at Dubrovnik Partner agency. Today, after working for seven years in PR, she holds the title of PR & Event Manager and head of the department MICE.

"For starters, I never know how the day is going to develop, so every day I go to work with pleasure, not knowing exactly what to expect. My working day consists of e-mails, conference calls, meetings with current and future clients and projects. Working hours vary, from day to day!"

"Studying at RIT Croatia fully prepared me for work in an international business environment; By utilizing English I am able to accurately express myself in every moment which is a huge advantage and equity to have in this business. I have to admit that, my co-ops at RIT Croatia helped me with my career choice but in a strange way ...working with guests in classical tourism I realized that I wanted something more dynamic, challenging, unpredictable…" "My advice to younger generations is to inform themselves and chose what they want to do, not what others want them to do. Listen to advice from older and more experienced, and take them into consideration. Today we spend a lot of time at work and if you are not satisfied with the work that you are doing, you will be dissatisfied with life. It is therefore very important to examine college and work choices available."

Anđela Matić,
Event & PR Manager
Dubrovnik PartneR


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