Applicants who currently attend a higher education institution can submit an application for transfer admission to RIT Croatia. Transfer applicants do not have to take an entrance exam.

In order to start the transfer process, applicants must complete an application form. It is also necessary to submit two official copies of your university or college transcripts (translated into English and notarized), as well as the course descriptions.
Transcripts will be taken into consideration when deciding which previous exams can be recognized as valid and compatible with RIT Croatia programs.Transfer applications can be submitted at any time with applicants beginning their studies in the fall or spring semester. Students may apply to transfer to RIT Croatia from any accredited higher education institution.There are various accrediting agencies and associations that deal with vocational, technical and professional schools. RIT, however, only awards credit from schools that are regionally accredited. When you send us the name of the university where you are currently enrolled, we will check the accreditation and let you know if you can continue with the process immediately, or you need to submit your transcripts to World Education Services (


Documentation should be sent by mail to one of the following addresses:

RIT Croatia, Don Frana Bulića6, 20 000 Dubrovnik, Croatia or

RIT Croatia, Damira Tomljanovića Gavrana 15, 10 000 Zagreb, Croatia

Once the Admissions Office has received your transcripts and online application, your documentation will be sent to the corresponding departments at the main RIT campus in Rochester, N.Y. RIT will evaluate your transcripts to determine which courses can and cannot be recognized. Any courses with a "D” grade (grade 2 of the Croatian grading system) cannot be recognized. Transfer credit at the undergraduate level will only be granted for course work completed with a grade of "C" or above.

After the application is reviewed by RIT, RIT Croatia will notify you of the results. The process can last between four to eight weeks, therefore it is important to get an early start on the admission process.

As a transfer student you may apply for financial aid, which, depending on the needs of a candidate, can be granted all year round. You can apply for financial support using our application form. On the form, please indicate your interest in financial aid by answering the question Are you applying for financial aid?