Students' testimonials

Una Pašić

International Business, Zagreb campus

Frano Cavelis

"RIT Croatia has been an amazing experience in these past two years, and I am proud to say it was the perfect decision for me. While trying to choose a college and the general course my education was going to take after high school, I found myself wanting to study business but with no adequate school that could provide me with my subjects of interest and a high level of education. That was the case until I stumbled upon RIT Croatia, which turned out to be a dream come true. It is a college that gave me the opportunity to not only study business, but every aspect of it in detail, including: finance, marketing, management and economics. I truly believe that we as International Business students gain a wide and abundant range of knowledge which is an advantage in itself. In addition, we are presented with so many various opportunities that help shape us as individuals as well as our future careers. Studying at RIT Croatia truly makes you a part of something much larger and it is a completely unique experience you wont find anywhere else."

Sabedin Rrahi

International Business

"The reality is that higher education changes the direction of our lives. This is the reason why my parents have invested their money, time and lives in my education. Since childhood, I have dreamt about the business world and leadership. Coming to RIT Croatia seems to be the key to my success in life. Different from many other institutions, RIT Croatia challenges students to deal with a lot of projects, and real job experiences which prepares them for the real world. The relationship between students and professors is incontestable. We are always welcome to go and visit them during office hours, in order to ask them for assistance with solving our course-related issues or to show them our ideas. Another advantage is that RIT has other campuses around the world. I advise everyone to invest in education because that is the path to success. Gain knowledge, travel around the world and have fun. Start doing all this at RIT Croatia."