Students Skills and Competencies

Programs and curriculum at RIT Croatia are fully aligned with the high standards of RIT education, one of leading American universities. The quality of the college has been confirmed by many international accreditations, such as: All of our classes are conducted in English, and approximately 50 percent of courses are taught by American professors.

Information Technology/Web and Mobile Computing (Zagreb and Dubrovnik)

The four-year Information Technology/Web and Mobile Computing program offered at RIT Croatia, in Dubrovnik and Zagreb, prepares students for prospective careers in the areas of ubiquitous application development with a user-centric approach to application creation.
Information Technology/Web and Mobile Computing program prepares you for the following areas:
  • robust developer skillset
  • web-application and database design and development
  • mobile app design and development
  • usage of existing and creation of different types of web services,
  • planning, installing, configuring, developing, and maintaining web servers
  • understanding issues of scalability, performance and security in deploying a web presence

International Business (Zagreb)

The four-year undergraduate international business program provides students with knowledge and understanding of the main economic functions of international business and a solid understanding of international strategic management. Courses of study include: International Economics, International Business, Strategies in International Business, Finance in the global market and International marketing. The program enables students to:

Hospitality and Tourism Management (Dubrovnik)

The four year hospitality and tourism management major at RIT Croatia prepares students for professional and managerial positions in the economy and tourism fields. Emphasis is on disciplines such as: marketing, marketing communications, finance, management, micro and macroeconomics, entrepreneurship and its application in tourism. The program enables students to: