Cutting edge technology

RIT Croatia’s campuses in Dubrovnik and Zagreb are equipped with state-of-the-art technology and offer facilities for multimedia conferences, a large auditorium (Zagreb), regional training centers equipped with Apple iMac computers and iPad devices, libraries and reading rooms, as well as lounge areas for socializing.

RIT Croatia Library 

Along with computers and Internet access, our libraries offer a wide range of scientific and professional literature in digital and print form. You can access domestic and foreign books, textbooks, journals and magazines, diploma papers, dictionaries, lexicons, and almanacs. Every library has computers reserved for accessing RIT online database only.

Other library services include:

Borrowing library materials

Handbooks and manuals are not to be taken out of the library.  Books can be kept for three weeks, magazines two weeks, and video material two days. The retention period of other materials can be consulted with the librarian. In case you want to keep the material longer than the due date assigned, contact or visit the library in order to renew it, otherwise materials kept longer than their due dates will be considered "overdue” and you may be charged a fee. For any materials that are lost or returned in damaged condition, a fee will be charged to you. We highly appreciate honesty in reporting any material damage. The amount to be charged for the damage and/or loss of material will depend on the value of the replacement material or the cost of a new copy. 


The library has a color printer and offers printing services. Plan your printing before deadlines in order to avoid a waiting period.  


In order to use the library and it services to their fullest extent, the library offers training on using the TIT online library (also known as the Wallace Library), CBT (e-learning materials), and the RIT Croatia library.  Other training, in areas such as Internet use and research, can be arranged with the librarian.

For more information about training, contact the librarian.

Library behavior policy:

Library Donations

The RIT Croatia library accepts donations such as newspapers, magazines, journals, videos, maps, books, CDs etc.

All RIT Croatia students, professors, and other faculty members can use our library services. You can visit the library during its working hours or contact a librarian by email ( The library opening hours change during the year and is always updated and posted on the library door.

The RIT online library (Wallace)

RIT Croatia students have access to RIT’s award-winning Wallace Library, a hub for resources and information exchange. It offers more than 55,000 electronic journal subscriptions, more than 400,000 electronic books and approximately 260 databases from our main campus in Rochester, New York.
All students, lecturers, and faculty members have an account which consists of a user name and password. This enables access and use of databases and other services available at the RIT online library.

Activate your account and contact your librarian to arrange training for the use of RIT online services. The online library can be accessed from any computer that has an Internet connection.

For more information visit www.library.rit or contact a librarian.


Lecture halls and computer rooms at RIT Croatia are equipped with cutting-edge computer equipment, including the most innovative Apple iMac computers and iPad devices. All students have access to modern technologies, including RIT’s online myCourses system, which enables them to communicate with their colleagues and professors. It also lets them access all teaching materials, seven-days-a-week, twenty-four-hours-a-day.

Regional training centers on RIT Croatia campuses

The Apple iMac regional training center, located at RIT Croatia in Zagreb, is the biggest center of such kind in the region. The center is equipped with an impressive collection of innovative computer equipment - 64 Apple iMac computers and 15 iPad devices. Another Apple iMac regional center, located on the RIT Croatia campus in Dubrovnik, has been operating since 2009 and is equipped with 52 Apple iMac computers and 15 iPad devices. 

POLYCOM system

RIT Croatia's multimedia classrooms at the Zagreb and Dubrovnik campuses are equipped with POLYCOM systems featuring top HD audio and video quality, thus enabling students to attend online lectures held at RIT global campuses in Rochester and Dubai.