Scholarships for Current Students

Each year RIT Croatia awards outstanding students scholarship awards. The award requirement is that students maintain a semester GPA of 3.0 or higher, as well as have no offenses of academic dishonesty or disciplinary probation/suspension. Failure to meet these requirements results in the students foregoing their scholarship award. As of Fall 2011, any of these scholarship recipients who earn an academic dishonesty offense will lose their scholarship award. In addition, if students break their studies for any reason (co-op, etc.), they will forfeit the remaining portion of their scholarships.

For more details please contact our Finance office at:

Scholarship awards are granted in the amount of 1,000 Euros. If you want to apply for the scholarship you are required to fill out the RIT Croatia scholarship application form. You are also required to submit three essays. The Scholarship Board, consisting of professors and faculty members, will review your application and essays. Details on Scholarship process and grading will be available in the Scholarship application.

Distribution and the final scholarship award depend on the total number of scholarship applicants and the scholarship budget.

Applications must be submitted either personally or by mail to RIT Croatia, Don Frana Bulića 6, 20 000 Dubrovnik, Croatia. Incomplete applications will not be taken into consideration. If you need any further information or have additional questions, feel free to contact our Finance office at: