Admissions based on state exam results

To apply for admission to RIT Croatia using the state exam results, candidates should:

Based on the results of the State Exam eligible students are:

Levels and subjects that must be completed on the State Exam include:

 English  B level
 Math  B level

After submitting the State Exam results, candidates will be invited for a motivational interview and later on informed of an admission decision by phone or e-mail. 

If a candidate wishes to apply for a scholarship or financial aid, it is necessary to apply when filling out the application form (under question: Are you applying for Financial Aid?). After submitting an electronic application our Admission office will contact you to provide further information.

*RIT Croatia has the right to additionally test candidates' knowledge of English 

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For additional information please contact the Admission office:
T. + 385 (0)1 643 9100 - T. +385 (0)20 433 000 - E-mail: