Ms. Pave Zupan Ruskovic at ACMT

On January 31, 2011, students taking Tourism Planning & Development course had the pleasure of hosting  Ms. Pave Zupan Ruskovic as a guest speaker. Ms. Zupan Ruskovic is currently in charge of the Destination Management Organization (DMO) for the city of Dubrovnik, the first of its kind in Croatia.The role of the

Competition for College Student Food Subsidies in Dubrovnik

Student Center Dubrovnik has issued "Competition for College Student Food Subsidies" for the academic year 2010/2011. Deadline for submitting an application is from January 27 to February 08, 2011. Details about the application categories, general conditions and instruction how to apply can be found on the ACMT bulletin board on the groun

Seminar for ACMT Alumni, Faculty and Staff

Marin Bezic, CEO and the Chief Improvement Officer with Concero d.o.o., will hold one hour seminar for all ACMT faculty, staff and Alumni on the topic: „From a start-up to grown up". The seminar will be held at hotel Excelsior on Wednesday, January 26 at 18:00 PM.  Mr. Bezic is a 13 year veteran of the IT industry.  He

Student Life Committee info sessions

ACMT Student Life Committee, consisting of faculty and staff, is charged with aiding the Student Council in improving all and any aspects of student life.  The ACMT Student Life Committee invites all interested students to attend one of two information gathering sessions. Information sessions will be held on Thursday, January

Coffee with the Dean

Dean Hudspeth will hold his quarterly "Coffee with the Dean" session on Thursday, January 20th. It will be held at 18:00 in Room #11. All students are invited to join him  for a coffee, a juice, cookies, etc., and a chat. As always it is an open forum and discussion on anything that students  would like him  to addr

6 Seniors received RIT Award

Seniors Martina Antonelic, Marko Dojic, Nevena Jokic, Melisa Kakas, Dino Lucan, and Mirela Raic have been awarded the RIT Outstanding Undergraduate Scholar Award.  This prestigious award was established to recognize excellence in academic achievement as well as demonstrated service to others.  Special medallions designed by the