Spring Newsletter

The new issue of the ACMT newsletter is now available at the upper andlower reception desks. Pick up your copy to read about visiting professors and students, new student council representatives, updates from our alumni, commencement events and more.Special thanks to designers Andrea Brekalo and Stjepko Cordas, as well as

The globalization process and technology advancement introduces innovative educational concepts at ACMT

The Earth is no longer round!?It revolves after all” said Galileo Galilei in the 17th century, when he scientifically proved that the Earth is round. However, with the process of globalization and technology advancement Galileo’s finding in no longer a sufficient indicator of the way we perceive the World. Therefore, Thoma

New RIT president to Address Graduates at Commencement

More than 140 graduating seniors will receive their American and Croatian diplomas from the new president of RIT, Dr.William Destler, at ACMT's 10th commencement ceremony on May 31. Dr. Destler, who is making his first visit to ACMT, will address the students, along with several visiting dignitaries from RIT.In addition to the gra

ACMT Flip Flops Party

Dear students,The Student Council and the PR Club together with the Marketing Department and the support of the whole ACMT community managed to create a brand new event designed specially for you - the ACMT students.The event will be held this Sunday (11. May) at the East-West Club atBanje Beach. The event is opene

Art and Science of Developing Leaders – Dr. Jim Dillahunty

On Monday, May 5th, at 8:00 AM, Dr. Jim Dillahunty held the lecture at ACMT about the Art and Science of Developing Leaders. According to Dr. Dillahunty "Leadership and Success at living are intertwined elements of human potential. As we seek to improve our leadership skills, we can also advance our life skills. Unfortunately, our con