11th ACMT International Dinner

It is with great pleasure that ACMT Foreign Languages Department announces 11th International Dinner. The event will take place on Thursday, March 24, at 8 PM, in the home of ACMT professor Tane Dusilo Cavich, Marojice Kaboge 8. When we started with this event, our primary goal was to help ACMT students to find out more about t

1st ACMT Café Night

ACMT  Student Life Committee is proud to announce the inaugural ACMT Café Nights.  The purpose of this event is to to give ACMTers a chance to meet and study, converse, and socialize at student selected cafes.  It will be organized every Thursday night, starting at 8:00 Pm. The 1st ACMT Cafe Night will be organized o

Summer Courses at ACMT

We are pleased to inform all students  that we will be offering summer courses from Monday, June 6 until Friday, July 8. Since the summer quarter is 5 weeks long, each course will meet 4 times per week.  The list of summer courses offered is as follows:   Nutrition and the Mediterranean Diet,  Hospitality &

ACMT Alumni party in Zagreb

4th Annual ACMT Alumni party will be held on Saturday, March 12 in Karaka Restaurant and Bar in Zagreb at 8:00 PM. It’s been ten years since the first generation graduated from ACMT and this night is a tribute to all of the ACMT pioneers who in 1997 decided to come to Dubrovnik. Prof. Gladys Winkworth is flying down from Dubr

"Your Smile, Our Pride"

Dean Don Hudspeth sought the assistance of Professor Milena Kuznin's Tourism Planning and Development students for a brain storming session to create a "tag line" for an American Chamber of Commerce's Tourism Committee initiative. Dean Hudspeth co-chairs this AmCham committee and he asked students in the Tourism Planning and Development

International Karaoke Night

Foreign Languages Department and Student Council will organize the International Karaoke Night . The event will take place at 9 pm, on Friday, February 11, in King Richard's Pub.All students who are brave enough to sing in front of the audience are asked to contact prof. Nikolina Bozinovic, ACMT Foreign Language Coordinator.