The Witchcraft Trials of the Renaissance

ACMT is pleased to invite you to attend a lecture by Dr. Lynne Montgomery on "The Witchcraft Trials of the Renaissance" on Friday, April 11, at 10:30 am in Room 21. Prof. Montgomery is an accomplished scholar of philosophy, and former faculty member of ACMT. Her lecture will be especially important for anyone interested in the histor

Innovation and Creativity Festival – Imagine RIT

On Saturday, May 3rd, at Rochester Institute of Technology starts the time of innovation and creativity. The aim of the festival is to experience education and entertainment through a fusion of art and technology. At the Innovation and Creativity Festival, ACMT will present how the use of technology and certain software can improve in

Motivating success

With greater appearance of the learning organizations, human resources and therefore the human capital is becoming company’s most valuable asset. In order to stimulate human capital, companies are developing different incentive models. Educational institutions are the best examples of today’s learning organizations, and at ACMT h

More than just a smile

For the last two weeks, ACMT photography club collected photos on the topic of smile. The beauty of art is that art speaks about the values that are totally neglected in this fast changing environment. Here are the top 10 reasons to remember what the power and the beauty of smile are:1) It looks better than a frown2) It im

Senior contest - Win 2000 kuna

Dear Seniors,We are offering the possibility for you to be part of your own graduation ceremony. Gather in a group of 3-5 colleagues and apply to win a group award of 2.000,00 kunas and a chance to represent what ACMT students stand for. We are looking for enthusiastic and creative teams. The idea is to show diversity of

2011/2012 ACMT Scholarship winners

On behalf of the ACMT Scholarship Committee, CONGRATULATIONS to the recipients of the scholarship awards for the 2011/2012 academic year. Award scholarships were donated by ACMT and Dean Don Hudspeth.26 outstanding students were awarded for their academic work and community involvement/volunteer activities.Con