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Sabedin Rrahi

International Business, Zagreb

"The reality is that higher education changes the direction of our lives. This is the reason why my parents have invested their money, time and lives in my education. Since childhood, I have dreamt about the business world and leadership. Coming to RIT Croatia seems to be the key to my success in life. Different from many other institutions, RIT Croatia challenges students to deal with a lot of projects, and real job experiences which prepares them for the real world. The relationship between students and professors is incontestable. We are always welcome to go and visit them during office hours, in order to ask them for assistance with solving our course-related issues or to show them our ideas. Another advantage is that RIT has other campuses around the world. I advise everyone to invest in education because that is the path to success. Gain knowledge, travel around the world and have fun. Start doing all this at RIT Croatia."

Jovana Ivanović

Hospitality and Tourism Management, Dubrovnik

"I consider good education as one of the most important things in life. When RIT Croatia came to Montenegro and, in association with Porto Montenegro, decided to provide full scholarship for one student -I had no doubt deciding to enroll to this competition. Right now as the winner of competition and a student of RIT Croatia, I can say that was the best decision I ever made. Studying here provides you with great opportunities, which can really change your life. Classes are amazing, always interesting, and give you adequate knowledge for future. Professors with their rich backgrounds are a true inspiration for all students. All staff including also our professors, peer mentors, and older students are always there to help us in overcoming any obstacles and to answer all our questions, which builds great relationships between all of us and also makes great atmosphere at college".

Niko Katušić

Hospitality and Tourism Management, Dubrovnik

"I knew from the first presentation when I heard about RIT Croatia that this college would definitely be my first choice. What I like about this college the most is the sense of community. Everybody knows you like an individual and there are no barriers between freshmen students and students from upper year levels. We all get to know each other, which is perfect. I also like being a member of RIT Croatia Student Government which is a group of people that soon becomes like your family. We do many interesting initiatives with the goal of improving students life at this college. Another big advantage about RIT Croatia is that we have exams and assignments throughout the whole year and we collect grades instead of learning everything all at once at the end of semester. This system relieves you of additional stress and it is much more useful to learn gradually with a lot of interesting assignments that just to memorize books. Every time when I enter the building of the college, Im full of confidence, will and desire to learn more. I study here because I want to learn new things in a positive atmosphere, I want to socialize with my friends and create networks of connections and I like the feeling of being welcomed. Faculty and staff members care about you and your needs, and they are willing to help and to teach you". 

Luka Dragičević

Information Technology, Dubrovnik

After many years of contemplating whether or not to enroll in a new university, I stumbled upon RIT Croatia. Due to my previous experiences at other universities, I was reluctant, but friendly and service-oriented college representatives made the admission process easier and they convinced me that I am doing the right thing. I chose the Information Technology program in Dubrovnik, which combines two of my passions, one for technology and the other for exploring new environments and testing my own limits. RIT Croatia has met my expectations, as one would expect from a top educational institution with an excellent international reputation and academic environment. At the same time, RIT Croatia has motivated me to create new, even more ambitious expectations. At the very start RIT Croatia offers students opportunities to take advantage of the best that is offered – the possibility to study at the main campus in the States and to cooperate with high quality professors. But more than that, RIT Croatia offers me plenty of space to realize my own ideas, starting from participating in a variety of student clubs, to creating projects which will successfully prepare me for real business situations upon graduation.

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