Study in Croatia and earn an American degree

Welcome to RIT Croatia, a global campus of an American university, Rochester Institute of Technology Rochester, NY. With nearly 19,000 students from more than 100 countries and with more than 135,000 alumni worldwide, RIT is driving progress in industries and communities around the world. At RIT, you are on to something amazing!

Apply for an online competition to win a 12.800 EUR scholarship!

Show us your knowledge of English language and presentation skills to win a scholarship for studying at Croatian campus of a prestigious American university – Rochester Institute of Technology! The competition is open to all candidates interested in our undergraduate programs: Hospitality and Tourism Management, Information Technology / Web and Mobile Computing and International Business. For more information click HERE.

This contest will be organized entirely online.

There will be two phases of the competition:
1st - online English exam and interview
2nd - presentation in English

Top 10 candidates will be awarded!

Scholarship prizes (per campus): 1st place = 12.800 EUR, 2nd place = 7000 EUR, 3rd = 5000 EUR, 4th = 4000 EUR, 5th = 3000 EUR

Application deadline: May 17, 2021 - Hurry and apply!

RIT Croatia - Be part of a truly global university

RIT Croatia is an international campus of a prestigious American university RIT, delivering three US undergraduate studies in Dubrovnik and Zagreb. Once you complete your studies, you will earn two degrees - a Croatian degree awarded by RIT Croatia and an internationally recognized American degree awarded by the Rochester Institute of Technology.
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Web and Mobile Computing BS

What you will learn: Programming, designing, and modeling databases, development and design of mobile, web, and desktop applications, user needs analysis, application of HCI methods in designing user interfaces

Duration: 4 years

Campus: Dubrovnik, Zagreb

Concentrations: Mobile Application Development, Web Application Development

Occupations we prepare you for: Full-stack Developer, Front-end and Back-end Developer, Mobile Application Developer, Web Developer, Web Administrator, Programmer and Database Administrator, Java Programmer, UX/UI Designer

International Business BS

What you will learn: You will develop the analytical and critical skills needed to do business successfully in a globalized world and understand the specifics of the international business world

Duration: 4 years

Campus: Zagreb

Minors: Marketing, Finance, Management

Careers we prepare you for: Marketing Manager, Finance Manager, Sales/Key Account Manager, Human Resources Manager, Business Consultant

Hospitality and Tourism Management BS

What you will learn: Successfully carry out tasks in expert and managerial positions in food management, hotel/resort management, health care management, corporate travel management, food marketing sales and distribution, and human resources

Duration: 4 years

Campus: Dubrovnik

Concentrations: Entrepreneurship, Designing Luxury Experience

Careers we prepare you for: Hotel Manager, F&B Manager, Event Manager, Marketing Manager, various careers in the hospitality industry

What else you need to know about RIT Croatia

Study in English and earn an American degree

At RIT Croatia, you are a student of a truly global university. After you finish your studies, you will obtain a Croatian and American degree and the knowledge to compete for jobs in the global labor market.

Transferable credits

Enroll as a full time student, or spend a semester at RIT Croatia. Use the possibility to transfer credits to and from American and other universities.

Study in an international and diverse community

As RIT’s global campus in Europe, RIT Croatia attracts students from all over the world! Each academic year, around 30 percent of international students spend time studying on our campuses. Our students also have the opportunity to spend one or two semesters at RIT campuses in the US and Dubai or visit universities in Europe through the Erasmus+ program. Our International Student Office provides full support to all incoming international students, helping them with their legal status in Croatia, housing and the overall integration into their new home during their studies.

Modern equipment and online classes

We have equipped the campuses in Zagreb and Dubrovnik with modern technology, multimedia classrooms, computer labs, free gyms, libraries, and lounge areas for socializing, which are used in line with the current epidemiological measures. RIT also has 40 years of experience in distance teaching. Students who are unable to travel can opt for online classes during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The pandemic that spread early this year affected the way people live and work worldwide. Responding to the new situation, we have developed a Safety plan for the 2020-2021 academic year to make our campuses as safe as possible for students, faculty and staff.

Focus on labor market and applicable knowledge

RIT prepares students for the labor market and the real needs of employers. The programs and curriculum at RIT Croatia are fully aligned with the high standards of education at Rochester Institute of Technology. Our students acquire and develop knowledge and skills that help them think critically, and ask the right questions. During their studies, students gain 800 - 1200 hours of mandatory work experience in the elected field of study.

Are you interested?

RIT Global Campuses

Our traditional and virtual classrooms prepare students for challenging global careers.

Beyond its main campus in Rochester, New York, RIT has international campuses in Asia (China, Dubai, UAE) and Europe (Croatia and Kosovo).

The Croatian campuses are located in Dubrovnik and Zagreb. Both Croatian campuses are state-of-the-art facilities with all the features necessary for providing a great educational experience. Follow this link to learn more about Dubrovnik and Zagreb.

Want to learn more about us? We have prepared a detail brochure with all the information.