EUSAIR TSG4 FOR YOUTH Workshop for RIT Croatia students

December 5, 2022

Milena Kužnin and dr. sc. Besim Agušaj hosted guest speakers on Wednesday, November 30, 2022 from the Croatian Ministry of Tourism and Sports. 
Namely, Ms. Senka Daniel, Head of Division for European Affairs and Policies, Ms. Vlasta Klarić, President of the National Partnership for Cultural Tourism and Ms. Iva Čaleta Pleša, Senior Expert Advisor, Division for European Affairs and Policies, conducted a lecture followed by a workshop on the topic of "EU Strategy for the Adriatic and Ionian Region (EUSAIR) – Sustainable Tourism”. Ministry of Tourism and Sports is thus celebrating the European Youth year and this workshop is a part of the promotion of the EUSAIR strategy and youth cooperation.

The students benefitted from the lecture on sustainable tourism, especially when it comes to European culture heritage routes, and will be able to apply the new knowledge this semester, as well continue working on some of the ideas next semester in my Entrepreneurial and Responsible Leadership course. 
 "It was really insightful to hear guest speakers talk about the growth of regional European projects and development a new mindset on sustainability. The emphasis of this workshop was to engage students to participate in creating new ideas on how to inform all stakeholders about the benefits of this project. We can connect this workshop with many courses that we’ve had at RIT Croatia, especially with Customer Experience Management and Organizational Behavior. Both of these courses informed us about the importance of changing the mindset towards employee motivation, customer centricity and sustainability” commented Nikolina Jerkić, Leona Sentić and Josip Vukašin, junior year students at the HTM program.

The workshop was attended by third and fourth year students, and among them there were students from the Erasmus+ exchange program as well which was particularly beneficial to the discussion as it gave a broader perception about the topic.

"As Erasmus students coming from Austria and France, it was particularly interesting to learn that a cooperation between the EUSAIR countries in regards to tourism exists, which was completely new to us. With this workshop, we can make a connection with some of the courses that we have the chance to attend at RIT such as Customer Experience Management and how to think about the future of the tourism industry. Especially in the cultural routes we see a lot of potential for sustainable tourism”, said Yaelle Dupleich, Margot Grasset and Luisa Lenz, Erasmus+ exchange students currently studying at our Dubrovnik campus. 

Detailed report on the outcomes of the workshop, written by Iva Čaleta Pleša, Ministry of Tourism and Sport, Division for European Affairs and Policies, can be found HERE.

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