RIT Croatia’s BEE Club Embarks on One of its Finest Trips Yet

June 2, 2022 

By Dora Rašin, RIT Croatia student

The BEE Club is back! The Business Environment Exploration Club, or BEE Club for short, was first founded in 2017 by International Business students Donika Kristaj and Azra Hodo, who were in search of business opportunities for themselves and their fellow peers. Thus, the club aims for students to develop their professional networks and learn about company culture through an annual business trip at the end of the school year. Prior to COVID, the BEE Club has traveled to Budapest and Vienna, both of which offer fun sightseeing activities in addition to top companies. During the academic year, students and volunteers (RIT Croatia students who aren’t a part of the club) raise money for the end-of-year trip through advertising and fundraising activities, which additionally allow them to develop collaboration and leadership skills.

On May 11, the club ventured from RIT Croatia’s Zagreb campus to the Valamar Resort in Poreč, Croatia, in order for club members to get to know the inner workings of one of the largest tourism companies in Croatia. Poreč’s Valamar Resort is part of the Valamar Riviera, a collection of luxurious Mediterranean hotels, resorts, and camping grounds offering unique accommodation and exquisite service. Valamar concentrates its efforts in Istria, but has additional resorts in Dalmatia, with one more in Austria. Around 15 BEE Club members, both past and present, along with chaperone and RIT Croatia professor Maja Vidović, took part in the day-long outing. Keep reading to embark on one of the BEE Club’s finest trips yet.

This year’s BEE Club trip has been in the making for months, and is the first one held in a post-COVID world, so when the group arrives at the meeting point to board the bus, it’s natural we’re all excited, despite it being 7 in the morning. With an itinerary sent to each member’s RIT email, everyone knows what to expect: a tour of the Valamar Resort, followed by some free time to explore the rest of the town; lunch at the acclaimed Konoba Daniela; and then our departure. As some time goes by and the bus chugs on, the lively chit-chat eventually dies down while some people nap, listen to music, or gaze at the gorgeous scenery. When we arrive at Valamar Poreč three hours later, a handful of friendly and eager staff greet us and whisk us away on a tour of the grounds. We get to take an inside look at a cozy yet modern family-style cabin; a two-person cabin, which are more suited for couples; and a camping-style tarp, which is perfect for larger groups or nature lovers.

We then head to the auditorium, where we listen to a short but sweet presentation detailing general information about the Valamar Group, key statistics about Valamar’s growth, and company benefits for employees. The presentation is a success, because we end up sitting for about 20 more minutes while the lovely presenter happily answers our eager questions, such as "How can I apply?” and "Would I be a potential candidate?” Such questions reflecting club members’ enthusiasm is what the BEE Club strives for; the reason these trips occur are to allow all motivated RIT Croatia students to learn more about the business world and think about where they can see themselves working.

After we leave the dazzling resort, our bus drops us off at the center of Poreč for some free time. With cups of coffee in hand, the group continues to buzz with excitement. RIT Croatia’s BEE Club is truly one of a kind, as it uniquely combines visiting top European destinations while familiarizing yourself with the business world. Sounds like bliss to me. We then head to board the bus, where Istrian restaurant Konoba Daniela awaits. Among the foods served include pasta with truffles (heaven), and fritule (ball-shaped donuts), one of my favorite desserts. With a final word of gratitude for our free four-course meal (thank you BEE club!) and a successful trip from the club heads, the trip comes to a close.

While this year’s business trip was the shortest of all BEE Club trips, it’s a step closer to getting the club trips back to its former glory, and a testament to the enthusiasm and dedication of BEE club members, who will continue to uphold the club for what it was made for.

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