A special issue of RIThink - BIG data has been published! 

by Dr. Luka Boršić, editor of RIThink

May 19, 2022

A special issue of RIThink - BIG data has been published! The guest-editor of this special issue is Dr. Martin Žagar, who collected eight texts: seven peer-reviewed papers and one non peer-reviewed text. In his words:

"Data today present not just the source of information and power, but also the source of financial incentives. Data is collected in many ways, analyzed and processed in additional ways, and visualized to support additional ways of decision making. It could be seen that there are a plethora of different issues that are addressed by different technologies helping with tackling the above-mentioned issues. In this special issue of RIThink, we tried to address some of the technologies in the Big Data world and to show state-of-the-art approaches in different real applications. We hope we can help the reader in sense of identifying Big Data and its business implications and applications as well as analyzing and developing Big Data solutions." 

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