Velebit Mirić joins RIT Croatia faculty

January 10, 2022

Remember that quote from the renowned Starbucks CEO, Howard Schultz that said the company is the people business serving coffee, and not the other way around? This point of view absolutely applies to RIT Croatia. Being a student-centric academic institution, we are fully committed to develop and deliver the best learning experiences for our students.

Hiring and collaborating with the best instructors and faculty members is one of the ways we fulfill that commitment. We are happy to have Velebit Mirić join us this spring semester as an adjunct faculty that will teach our students the art of design thinking.

"My ultimate career goal has always been to teach, and joining RIT Croatia is not only a life-long achievement, but a dream come true as well. My students can expect a total human-centric approach to the idea of individual and mutual creativity manifested in a modern, next-generation hands on approach to acquiring not only knowledge about the theory, but also instantly developing the skills needed to apply the knowledge to their lives the very next day”, said Velebit.

Velebit is RIT’s alum, and has earned his MS degree in the Institute’s Service Leadership and Innovation. Open-minded, always eager to learn something new, Velebit is a very versatile person. He is in Management Consulting industry, owning and managing Innovatio Consilium company for business design and development. Furthermore, he organizes and coaches Design Thinking and Design Sprint 2.0 workshops and projects for companies, and has written several business and academic publications.

Velebit will teach the Design Thinking and Concept Development (BS in International Business program) at RIT Croatia.

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