Milena Kužnin gave a lecture on the topic Emotional Intelligence (EI) – Why is it important and to develop it”


September 28, 2021


On Saturday, September 25, Milena Kužnin, a faculty member at RIT Croatia’s Hospitality and Tourism Management program, held an interesting lecture on the topic "Emotional Intelligence (EI) – Why is it important and how to develop it” in Kulturni Centar Jadran in Dubrovnik.

The guest lecture came up as a result of collaboration between Milena Kužnin and Ivana Tepšić, an RIT Alumna who is one of the founders of Kulturni Centar Jadran in Dubrovnik.

"I have known Ivana Tepšić not only through teaching several courses, but also through co-mentoring her senior project with Dr. Besim Agušaj. Even after her graduation, I have remained in contact with Ivana, as I do with many of our Alumni; close connections we create with our students during their studying years last a lifetime and make room for fruitful collaboration, such as this lecture”, said Milena Kužnin.

Kulturni Centar Jadran, with Ivana and its other founders, represents a healthy and inclusive platform for expressing creativity in urban Dubrovnik. The center gathers diverse and multigenerational audience in seek of relevant and up-to date topics. On that note, Milena’s lecture was also an open type lecture as it was available to all who were interested in learning more about the importance of properly understanding and developing emotional intelligence.

"The choice of topic came as a result of a conversation with Ivana Tepšić, and the goals of the lecture were to explain the significance of emotional intelligence in crises situations, both professionally and personally, and to demonstrate the importance of developing emotional intelligence as a social value, and not only as a personal trait. Most importantly, I recognized the negative aspect of emotional intelligence by talking about possible manipulation,” commented Milena, who was very grateful to see many current and former students, as well as many colleagues from RIT Croatia, who came to support her lecture among other interested visitors.

Milena Kužnin gave an interesting and compelling interview Libertas TV announcing her lecture, you can find the interview HERE.

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