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June 8, 2021

In addition to the deep knowledge that students learn in their chosen degree programs – International Business, Web and Mobile Computing, or Tourism and Hospitality Management – students at RIT Croatia can also broaden their knowledge by adding a second field of specialization called a "minor.”

Students can choose to complement their main course of study with a group of at least three additional courses in one of the following fields: psychology, anthropology, sociology, foreign languages, finance, marketing, business administration or web development.

Not only does the minor allow students to explore their personal interests, demonstrated skill and expertise in a second area outside their main course of study makes these students highly sought after job candidates. Today’s employers are looking for versatile workers with diverse skills in more than one discipline who can approach situations from various points of view.

For example, computing students can develop skills in humanities and languages, while Hospitality or International Business students can easily add a web development minor. This gives them a great advantage in the workplace, since basic knowledge of information technology is essential in every industry.

International business student Tesa Hundic has added a computing minor to her International Business program of study. "After just one semester of IT courses, I learned to use HTML, the language used to build websites, and Java, which is one of the most important programming languages. I’ve learned new skills and discovered new interests in many areas which I wouldn’t have been able to do at other institutions,” she said. "IT skills are highly valued and necessary in almost every successful business today and I am sure this will help me in my future career.”

Student Džejla Šuman has added two minors to her main course of study in Web and Mobile computing — Spanish language and Anthropology.

"I know that anthropology will help me in the future in preparing me for leadership positions, in which it is essential to understand people’s behavior and how to manage them in terms of group projects,” she said.

At the same time, her minor in Spanish not only opens up possibilities to work abroad, but also helps broaden her cultural perspective. "Minoring in both fields allows me to have exciting learning experiences and I am sure, in the future will bring me more opportunities.”

International Business student Dragica Leko has also chosen to add two minors to her course of study — Finance and Psychology.

"As soon as I applied to RIT and discovered that I have the unique opportunity to have a dual minor in both a core IB subject and psychology, I knew that it was right the choice for me,” she said. "I am interested in the field of behavioral finance, and I believe this combination will allow me to gain both hard and soft skills needed to be a strong job candidate and future employee. Also, I firmly believe that a background in psychology will help me be an effective manager in the future.”

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