RIT Croatia students make the top 10 in the 2021 ICHRIE  Hotel Challenge by Knowledge Matters


March 22, 2021


March was certainly an exciting month for RIT Croatia’s Eta Sigma Delta Chapter members who stay proactive regardless of the pandemics.

In the period from March 1st to March 12th, three of their members, Angel Hristov, Tamara Radulović and Filip Stanišić, competed among a group of 158 students from all over the world in the 2021 ICHRIE Hotel Challenge by Knowledge Matters, a virtual hotel simulation employed to test students on their management skills, and all three of them made it to the final top 10 results!

The contestants competed individually at this competition which was open to college-level students who are students at schools that are ICHRIE institutional members, and it was held entirely online.  The simulation required contestants to manage room rates, labor, Food & Beverage rates, and other aspects of a hotel business, and the choices they make affected the income and success level of the hotel. The success of their decision making process was also showcased through computer generated guest reviews;   if the contestants were doing well, the guest reviews were positive, and if not, they were negative.

Angel Hristov, who won the remarkable 4th place at the competition, was very excited about taking part in such an event. "I decided to take part in the ICHRIE competition because of my willingness to learn more. During my Lodging Operations class in my freshman year, we had our first hotel simulation introduced by our instructor Domagoj Nikolić. I liked the concept of virtual hotel managing. After the given opportunity from Milena Kužnin, who serves as a Faculty Mentor at the RIT Croatia’s Eta Sigma Delta honorary society, I did not have any doubts to apply. I would like to thank them both for the experience and next time the 4th place will not be an option J”, commented Angel Hristov.

Filip Stanišić, who landed the 5th place at the competition, considered this to be a challenge and a great way to apply the previously attained knowledge. "I really enjoyed it, and I hope that we will make even better results providing that we get another chance to participate in the future”, said Filip.

Tamara Radulović applied to this competition to challenge herself in an entertaining and exciting new way. "We had previous experience with hotel simulations with our instructor Domagoj Nikolić and this competition was a nice way for me to test what I have learned and to compare myself with my peers worldwide”, concluded Tamara who landed 7th place out of total of 158 contestants.


Congratulations to Eta Sigma Delta’s Angel, Filip and Tamara, we hope to see you excel in many more challenges ahead of you!

You can find out more about the contest here:



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