Ministry of Science and Education issued RIT Croatia a license for scientific activity


January 4, 2021


RIT Croatia has received a license from the Croatian Ministry of Science and Education for scientific activity in the following scientific areas: humanities, sciences, social and technical sciences. Receiving these licenses is a key in enhancement and further development of all of the scientific research activities of RIT Croatia community.


„First of all, I would like to thank and recognize all of the colleagues who have worked on this for their efforts in the process, but also for all they do on a regular basis. Receiving the licenses is a recognition of our research efforts in the past but also it sets an expectation of further growth of scientific activity at RIT Croatia," says Dr Irena Guszak Cerovečki, RIT Croatia's Associate Dean.


RIT Croatia's research activities are clearly defined in its Strategic Program of Scientific Research (2020 - 2024) and are a key component of the organization's strategic plan: Committed to Greatness (2019 – 2022). In other words, research at RIT Croatia is an important activity that helps the organization realize its Vision and Mission. Associate Dean Guszak Cerovečki confirms that. „As a student-centered educational institution, our primary effort is to provide the best education and learning experience to our students and this includes research as well. We want to help them develop as critical thinkers, T-shaped experts, and independent problem solvers. The research experience is important in students' educational path because it helps them learn how to ask the right question while collaborating with faculty and industry partners from RIT community."


Also, these licenses made RIT Croatia’s faculty’s research projects eligible for additional funding sources and grants. This is an opportunity our faculty is looking forward to using. The research topics they are working on come from humanities, sciences, social and technical sciences and correspond to the fields they are active in. Naturally, the research topics are complementary with study programs and courses offered at RIT Croatia. 


„The focus of scientific research at RIT Croatia is to make active contributions to new knowledge, methods and tools to be used in various aspects of human activities, directed towards improving the quality of life. In order to achieve that, especially important is cooperation with other institutions and nurturing the network of partners. We are looking forward to expanding these exciting activities," said Dr Guszak Cerovečki.


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