New leadership of RIT Croatia Alumni Association

November 5, 2020

RIT Croatia community proudly presents the newly chosen leadership of RIT Croatia Alumni Association: President Zoran Pejović (BS Class of 2004) and Vice President Angela J. Krčelić (BS Class of 2018)!! The election process took place in October and resulted in a great engagement from our alumni.

Zoran and Angela will succeed the current President Mirela Subotić (BS Class of 2004) and Vice President Ivan Slade Šilović (MS Class of 2015) who led our alumni association for the past two years. For the first time since the association establishment in 2003, the newly appointed president will also be joining the RIT Alumni Association Board of Directors with the objective to create a stronger bond between our Croatian chapter and the RIT's Alumni Association as well as to work on strategic initiatives important to the alumni of the whole institute. The role of the Vice President will remain the same in supporting the President in the activities and initiatives.

Zoran is very well known in the hospitality industry being a hospitality development specialist and entrepreneur with more than 15 years of international experience and number of successful hotel and restaurants openings. „It is a true honor," he comments on his new role. „I have always felt as part of the RIT community, and that feeling have persisted over the years, ever since my graduation in 2004. Our alumni community is growing, and we are now over two and half thousand. That is an amazing potential for collaboration, especially between different generations that are now growing couple of decades apart. I see an increased opportunity for mentorship programs and that is one of the aspects that I would like to focus my attention on during the next thee years," said Zoran. Zoran's professional focus has been on innovation and people development. Most recently he has been in charge of project development and pre-opening of one of the first successful greenfield investments in Croatia in a luxury hospitality, Maslina Resort, on the island of Hvar.

Born and raised in Chicago, USA, Angela J. Krčelić came to Croatia as she decided to pursue her education at RIT Croatia. Little did she know then that she would stay in Croatia, start a career in digital marketing and - start her own family :  „I am currently working at Interart Media Digital Marketing Agency as a Social Media Specialist," says Angela. „Since graduating, I have enjoyed working side-by-side with RIT Croatia by being an advocate for studying and living in Croatia to the Croatian Diaspora community. I enjoyed every minute of my undergraduate journey and am proud to be an RIT Croatia alumna. When I was notified about the President/Vice President vacancy for the RIT Croatia Alumni Association, it seemed quite natural to take this next step. My focus is on providing our alumni with more opportunities to network with other alumni. I believe that with the right marketing tools and event planning skills, unique networking events can be planned and utilized to create memorable moments and contacts."

With all the best wishes to Zoran and Angela, RIT Croatia would like to thank all the other amazing candidates we've had this year for their participation: Benjamin Cikoja, Tea Franjić, Latica Ivković, Marija Lončarević and Tana Zimmermann, and finally a big thank you goes to Mirela and Ivan for all the contributions they've made over the last two years!


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