Learning about sustainability from real life examples: student field trip to Pelješac

October 15, 2020

Last weekend was a lot of fun for the group of third year students taking the Scientific Inquiries in Environmental Science class taught by Dr. Marlena Ćukteraš.

Despite challenges posed by COVID-19 situation, Dr. Ćukteraš found a way to obey all safety measures and still provide her students with the field trip experience that makes all the difference when it comes to actually understanding sustainability.

Students were divided into two groups; one visited the peninsula Pelješac on Saturday and the other one on Sunday. Students visited Solana Ston to learn about production of salt, ancient city walls of Ston and the entire bay area of Mali Ston. Due to COVID-19 restrictions the students did not visit the winery, but they did learn about importance of drystones, how vineyards function and they got familiar with the diversity of flora and fauna while walking all the way to Prapratno beach.


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