What is Your Leadership Style: Learn how to „Walk the Talk"

October 9, 2020

In order to bring RIT's programs and courses, delivered at RIT Croatia, closer to our students and potential students, we decided to talk to Ms Milena Kužnin, one of the Hospitality and Tourism Management (HTM) BS program faculty from Dubrovnik campus. Known for her passion for management and leadership, Ms Kužnin has been teaching our students how to become the leaders that fit the organizational needs today and the future.

Education Matters. Period.

High-quality education and life-long learning are becoming ever more important. Ms Kužnin agrees. „Just ask yourself, who earns more money today? The US Bureau of Labor statistics report concluded that "As workers’ educational attainment rises, their unemployment rates decrease and earnings increase” (2019). So, yes, education matters in the sense that each higher level of education may increase your skill set, enhance your relationships that turn into valuable networking possibilities, allow you easier access to higher paying positions and signal your capabilities of planning, critical thinking and teamwork".

Leadership Innovation in Service Industry course

Leadership Innovation in Service Industry is one of many interesting HTM courses taught by Ms Kužnin. The goal of this course is to introduce senior level students to definitions, knowledge and skills related to contemporary global management and leadership and to provide them with skills, training and opportunities to assess their own skills as managers and leaders and to create a personal development plan.

„This course is closely related to one of the management theories known as "Walking the Talk,” says Milena Kužnin who, like the rest of our faculty likes to teach using a hands-on approach. „In this course students engage in as much as possible in authentic work like experiences – one of them being the training session that they need to design and deliver to their classmates. Traditional exams, in my opinion, that focus on knowledge repetition, are becoming obsolete and therefore students need to be exposed to real life situations and get tested on their ability to apply, synthesize and transfer the learnt material."

Message to students: Whatever you do, just own it!

We asked Ms Kužnin what would be her message to all those embarking on new adventures, like looking for the best college, or starting one's career. Her message is clear: „Own It! – this is something that I like to say to my students when they ask me "what to do”. Whatever you do, just own it! When you are in class, be present – try to minimize the noise in your head, around yourself and focus on the moment. I try to do the same and the end result is a great learning environment, positive team spirit and higher productivity. Now, who doesn’t want that?"

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