RIT Croatia Faculty & Staff Excellence Recognition

September 8, 2020

Quality and excellence have always been embedded in RIT Croatia's DNA. As a global campus of RIT, we are committed to deliver exceptional studying and learning experiences for our students, we well as working experience for our employees.

Recognizing excellence in our community is also very important to us. We share and celebrate the success of our students and alumni in various ways. When it comes to our employees, we praise their outstanding achievements during the Faculty & Staff Days event by awarding them with the following awards.

"We have been awarding the Faculty Excellence in Teaching Award at our commencement ceremonies since 2009. In 2012 to recognize the great work of our staff, and all of the other great work that our faculty undertakes, we introduced additional awards that we present annually at our Faculty & Staff Days event. Everyone at RIT Croatia performs at a very high level, but it is important on an annual basis to recognize and celebrate those who have had extraordinary outcomes in the past year.” said Don Hudspeth, President and Dean of RIT Croatia.

Congratulations to all FS Awards recipients for the academic year 2019/2020!

Excellence in Teaching Award (nominated by students):

  • Dr. Nikolina Božinović
  • Dr. Evelina Miščin
  • Dr. Domagoj Nikolić
  • Dr. Peter Schmidt

Greatness in Service Award:

  • Tanja Janđel, Finance Department
  • Maja Obadić, Academic Affairs Department
  • Toni Perko, Recruitment and Enrollment

Faculty Research Award:

  • Dr. Domagoj Tolić
  • Dr. Martin Žagar

Greatness in Professional Engagement and Service Award:

  • Dr. Branko Mihaljević
  • Dr. Kristina Šorić
  •  Dr. Martin Žagar

Outstanding Achievement:

  • Dr. Alan Mutka
  • Dr. Martin Žagar

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