Company GDi to implement solutions developed by RIT Croatia students

June 12, 2020

RIT is known for career-oriented education worldwide, and RIT Croatia follows that path by promoting hands-on approach and putting focus on learning by doing in all of the programs delivered at its campuses in Dubrovnik and Zagreb.

Aside from its mandatory cooperative education, a internship program of 800 – 1,200 hours or real work experience in the chosen field of their studies, our students have opportunities to work with and for the industry as part of their classes. This time we bring you a story about students that have developed a solution for a client as part of their Secure Web Application Development course.

Designing and Implementing Document Automation Library for .Net platform

The course is delivered by RIT Croatia's faculty member Martin Žagar: „The course focuses on the development of integrated web applications that consume information served from one or many sources. Students identify and assess trends in web application development and, of course work on  programming projects."

Students from Zagreb campus were engaged in a project that was conducted for GDi, an innovative and award winning provider of applied technology solutions for commercial and public market segments. „The students had to implement Document Automation library for .Net platform", says Martin Žagar. „It included a dynamic generation of documents based on the document template and the dynamic data source".


GDi to implement the provided solution

And how well did they do you might ask? „I am really pleased with their work. They exceeded the expectations especially given the circumstances we are all operating under right now", says Žagar. The client is also very pleased and decided to implement the solution.

 „On behalf of the whole product development and HR team, I want to express our overall satisfaction with the student engagement in this project, the knowledge they posess and have presented as well as with the solution they provided. The overall cooperation was excellent!" said Anita Lisec, the company's HR Generalist/IT Recruiter.


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