Visiting Online Classrooms at RIT Croatia: Internet Marketing

April 15, 2020

One of the many benefits of studying at RIT Croatia is being prepared to swift integration on the job market once the student graduates. The possibility to apply the course learning in practice is promoted outside the classroom via mandatory co-op or internship in the field of the chosen program of study. However, hands-on approach is heavily present in the classrooms as students engage in various project that are also subject to grading. Internet Marketing course for example, consists of 40% lecture to discuss the basic concepts and theories and 60% hands-on exercises, and learning activities that shows application of the theories. Colin Mitchell teaches this course to our International Business seniors. "The course is project-based and the final objective is to create individual e-portfolios that highlight each students' work over the semester. This is something tangible that they can take with them and develop further” says Professor Mitchell.

Access to class recordings help us whilst preparing for our exams

Like other RIT Croatia students, Leda Livada Japundzic is attending her Spring semester classes online: "I think seniors adjusted well to studying at home, especially as we are near the completion of our undergraduate studies and have more obligations than ever. Using Zoom is extremely easy and simple. Also, now we have access to class recordings which can help us immensely whilst preparing for our exams!”

When it comes to Internet Marketing course, Leda proudly presents her portfolio which you can check out here: "We are learning about all aspects of Internet Marketing from the importance of user experience, SEO, Twitter, and apps that can make our content more creative, such as Canva and Powtoon. We are also working on our own Youtube channels with educational content such as explaining Google Ads and VidIQ” says Leda and adds: "I enjoyed working on the Powtoon video the most. That was our most recent project and we had to make an animated video that provides the answers to some basic questions regarding Instagram. The Powtoon website is so much fun to use, and I believe it can make any project a lot more creative and interesting.”

Message to future students: choose a university that offers quality education

Leda will soon graduate. With obtained experience working for brands such as Foreo and Ledo, we are sure that this senior will have no problem in pursuing her career in Marketing and Sales. In choosing higher education, she emphasized the importance of quality education and work experience: "Future students should look for universities that offer a quality education, as well as some perks that may not be available at all universities: free student tutors, choosing your own schedule, and co-op opportunities. I believe that being pushed to do a co-op for two summers is one of the best, and most useful, experiences we could have had at RIT”. We could not agree more.  

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