TRANSFER STUDENTS: The ones with courage to make a change


December 13, 2019

Choosing a university isn’t easy. So it isn’t surprising that sometimes students enroll in a program that they expect will be interesting and useful, but later discover they made the wrong choice. Sometimes they find out that the subjects they are studying are not for them, or the relationships with professors and learning atmosphere simply isn’t motivating. That’s when transferring to RIT Croatia can be a great solution, and the start of a whole new chapter in their lives.

International Business student Mate Kozina transferred to RIT Croatia after studying for two years at the public university Zagreb.

"For the two years I spent there, I was just a number on the paper, black and white. It was that simple. Zero professors knew that I exist. They had thousands of students, and no time for human interaction,” Mate said. "In an atmosphere like that, naturally you lose motivation and inspiration to grow as a person and as a future academic member of society. After two years, I couldn’t stand that anymore and decided to change the course of my life completely.”

"I talked with my family, and some people I know who attend RIT Croatia. They told me that the college is a place where professors are people who actually care about the students. There are professors to whom you can talk and they will actually help you. That was what I found, something that is totally different from anything else that Croatians are used to, a college that pushes me to be the best version of myself.”

Of course, transfer students need some time to make the transition to a new college and program of study, but professors find that transfer students often turn out to be among the most mature, motivated and successful students at the college.

"Transfer students have some life experience. They know themselves and they know what it’s like to study something they are not interested in, or in a school that they don’t like.” Said Enrollment and Recruiting Manager Ivana Silić. "There are many students in universities and colleges in Croatia who are not happy with their choice and are currently looking for something different.”

"However, their decision to change schools is often a hard one, because they probably feel as if they’ve failed, or they are afraid of disappointing their families. In many cases transferring also prolongs their studying time. This often seems like a big deal to them in that moment, but once they start here, they realize they are finally doing something they want to do and a year or two more to get their diploma is worth it in the long run. All it takes is the courage to make a change.”


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