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December 16, 2019

Choosing the right university and program of study are some of the most important decisions young people ever make, but they are also among the most difficult. Lack of information, pressure from parents or friends, financial concerns, and simple confusion can be overwhelming for young people and their families making this important life decision. But there is help out there! RIT Croatia professors, students and enrollment specialists offer guidance and suggestions to help make sure the college you choose is right for you.
Think about the skills and knowledge you want to develop over the next few years. Consider your strengths (what you are really good at), and how you can build on them.
Look back on your past educational experiences and be honest with yourself about what works for you. What kind of learning environments, schedules and workloads bring out the best in you? How do you want to spend hours, weeks, and months of your time and energy in the next few years?
If some aspect of your high school experience was particularly stressful or discouraging for you,don’t sign up for more years of the same problems - make sure you choose a college that offers something different!
Choose a college that will help you develop as a person, not just gain technical skills. The modern job market is changing so fast that today’s knowledge quickly becomes out of date. Today’s employers are looking for more than just technical skills; they want people who are good communicators and creative thinkers, team players with emotional intelligence, who are well organized, independent problem solvers. 
Remember: you will be in college for you - not to make your parents happy, or to impress your friends. Once you get there, the responsibility of doing the work will be on you. You will do best if you truly want to be where you are and are motivated and interested in what you are doing.
Also, make sure you choose a college that offers a personal career counseling service with real people you can talk to. Look for a college that connects you with people who actually work in today’s jobs and gives you an opportunity to try various different employment experiences before you graduate.Internships during college are some of the best ways to figure out what kind of career will be right for you.


College enrollment do’s and don’ts:


  • Choose a college based on how hard or easy it is to get in.College isn’t about enrolling, it’s what happens during the years after you get there. Just because you can get in, doesn’t mean it’s right for you.
  • Choose a school just because your friends are going there or your parents went there. You aren’t your friends or your parents.
  • Believe everything you read in chat forums! Remember, you have no idea who those people actually are. Look for a more reliable source of information, like someone who actually attends that school.
  • Let tuition costs stand in your way. There are many forms of scholarship, loans, student jobs and subsidies that can help you and your family to afford the education you really want.


  • RESEARCH current employment and job market trends. What kinds of jobs will be most in demand in the future? Where do you see yourself fitting in?
  • VISIT several potential universities before you enroll. Attend some lectures if you can.
  • TALK to current students, their parents, and graduates about their university experience.
  • ATTEND open houses or info sessions that allow you and your parents to talk directly to the university staff and ask questions.
  • START EARLY. Begin your research in the third year of high school and avoid last-minute panic.
  • TRUST YOUR INSTINCTS. Look for a place where you can see yourself fitting in and feeling good.

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