A sneak peek into diverse RIT Croatia community: Meet Denim Behn from South Africa

October 9, 2019

1.  Introduce yourself briefly: your name, where do you come from.

My name is Denim Šime Behn, I am 19 years old and from Durban South Africa. I am a first year student at RIT Croatia’s Dubrovnik campus and I chose WMC/IT program.

2.  Why did you decide to study at RIT Croatia?

I have dual citizenship, namely South African and Croatian. I always wanted to study abroad and I was really looking into studying in Croatia however the language barrier was a problem and so I found RIT Croatia when I was looking for English universities. RIT Croatia is also a great choice for me because with the added American Internationally recognized degree I will have the chance to have a job all around the world. IT has always been a passion of mine and so doing an IT course at RIT is a great additive for my education.

3.  Your RIT Croatia experience so far? What do you like the most?

So far the RIT Croatia experience has been outstanding as I have had the opportunity to meet some amazing people not only from Croatia but from around the world and it has been interesting to hear about their past experiences and cultures. The best part about RIT Croatia has definitely been the atmosphere and people that I have met here at the Dubrovnik campus.

4.  How does it feel living in Croatia? What are the most interesting cultural differences you came across so far? What do you miss the most from your home country?

Living in Croatia has been intriguing because of the cultural differences between South African culture and Central European culture such as the weird but fun traditions and delicious foods. I miss having some of my local foods from restaurants and local shops but there are some good ones here that may find their way into my heart.

5.  Time to learn something new! Say: "I am looking forward to meet you at RIT Croatia!" in your native language.

English is my native language but I do speak a language called Afrikaans which is a Dutch-derived language and you would say that sentence as follows: "Ek sien uit daarna om jy by RIT Kroasie te ontmoet!"

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