Green Sea Safari expedition at Jakljan Island

September 25, 2019

On Saturday, September 21, 2019, as a part of marking the World Clean Up Day, the Green Sea Safari Association led another successful expedition of cleaning our sea and coastline. This time the destination was Jakljan Island in the vicinity of Dubrovnik, and our professor Marlena Ćukteraš, one of the founders of the Green Sea Safari Association, motivated some of our students and faculty members to join the expedition with one common goal in mind – to collect from the sea and by the sea what was wrongfully left by careless human kind.

In exchange for one day of good, old manual labor, the participants gained a beautiful field trip and an eye-opening insight into the real state of our Adriatic.

In only one day of collecting waste, around 50 participants of this expedition collected 62 bags of different kinds of small waste, as well as numerous big chunks of metal, wooden or plastic waste.

Kudos to all participants and congratulations to Green Sea Safari Association for making a difference in the world!

More details about the Green Sea Safari association can be found HERE.

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