Recipients of the Excellence in Student Life Award

May 29, 2019

Excellence in Student Life Award was founded to honor students who present principles of engagement, scholarship, and leadership. The initiation for the award was created to inspire students and to achieve their goals in all three categories. In order to be eligible for nomination, student’s must be full-time students, have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.4 and be an active member of university activities, organizations or committees. The process that the recipients go through once nominated for the award took a variety of different step to make sure that the work completed throughout their four years is accredited as well as genuine. That not only did they do the time and work needed, but they were also passionate throughout the entire journey.

This year, RIT Croatia had the honor of presenting the award to 3 recipients, Andrea Kecić, Sabedin Rrahi, and Mislav Horvatić. When it comes to Mislav Horvatić, he is not so much concerned with awards. This valedictorian of RIT Croatia in Zagreb’s Class of 2019, who presented an inspiring speech at this year’s commencement ceremony, is much more interested in how he impacts other people.

This award provides students with the urge to work harder to strive for optimal success. For Sabedin Rrahi, International Business student from RIT Croatia in Zagreb, knowing that he would be acknowledged for his hardships and effort was simply the cherry on top. "I am so happy to close this unforgettable chapter of my life with the "Excellence in Student Life” award. I can never forget the long nights of studying, participating in several college activities, and starting my own business at the same time. It makes me think that hard work really pays off, and I never regret the things I have done because I really enjoyed every single minute at RIT Croatia”, stated Sabedin.

Finally, each student chose a mentor that they believe had the greatest impact on their time at RIT Croatia. For Andrea Kecić, valedictorian of RIT Croatia in Dubrovnik's Class of 2019, chose Professor Milena Kužnin to be her mentor throughout the entire journey since she was initially nominated. Andrea stated, „After she has done so much for me, academically, professionally and personally, it really is a great privilege to be sharing this success with her, and I am more than happy that I can honor her in such way. ".

Congratulations to the recipients of this year’s Excellence in Student Life Award. We wish you all the best in your future endeavors!

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