International students at RIT Croatia

May 10, 2019


Each year, about 30 percent of our students come from outside Croatia. Our international students bring a variety of cultural experiences, styles, languages and customs that make our learning community more interesting and diverse.

Many of these students have courageously come to Croatia on their own to study, without family ties to the region, or knowledge of the local language. While it isn’t always easy for them to adjust, our international students are eager to meet the challenge of their new lives in Croatia.


Angel Hristov

Originally from Bulgaria, Angel Hristov has just finished his first year of studies in the Hospitality and Tourism Management program in Dubrovnik.

"I am a little bit older student, continuing my education after spending a few years working in the cruise ship industry. When I arrived in Dubrovnik, I had a culture shock. But after the first semester, I found a group of students with the same interests and future goals and we started to enjoy many places which we found out from the locals, and unknown for the tourists. I really like the professors and their methods of teaching. I like the connection which students have with them. The American teaching  style  at RIT Croatia is completely different from the European one. I like how every staff member at RIT Croatia is accessible, even the Dean, who would stop and say hello to students. In Bulgaria, that would never happen.”


Ioana Ifrim

Originally from Romania, Ioana Ifrim transferred to Zagreb last year from the RIT campus in Dubai.

"My plan is to study at all RIT campuses before I graduate. So I came to Croatia to achieve this dream, while studying, working and living around people from another culture. I have recently visited Plitvice Lakes, Split and even Dubrovnik and I fell in love with the beauty of this country.”


Ebrima Ndure

Ebrima Ndure was born in Bakau, The Gambia and raised in Houston, Texas. He is currently enrolled in the International Business program at the Zagreb campus.

"After high school I joined  the US Marine Corps where I served in Afghanistan early in my career. Later, I had the opportunity to work in Japan, Philippines, South Sudan, Argentina, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Croatia. While working in Croatia I found out about RIT from other students, and decided to enroll after my enlistment. So far it’s been a good experience, and students have shown me great Croatian hospitality.”


Kaitlin D'Costa

Kaitlin D’Costa is half Indian and half Pakistani, born in The Sultanate of Oman and raised in a small city called Al-Ain in The United Arab Emirates. She has just finished her first year in the Hospitality and Tourism Management program.

"Growing up in a small community of people was great. I studied in the same school for 14 years, everybody knew everybody, and I was quite comfortable with where I was and with the people around me. However, when the op- portunity to study in Croatia became a possibility, I knew I had to take it. Deciding to move to Croatia was a big decision, not only because I had to move to an entirely different continent but also because I had never been completely independent. My parents encouraged me to take a leap of faith and discover new challenges. I had never moved this far out of my comfort zone before.”


Abhishek Banik

Born in India and raised in Dubai, Abhishek Banik also transferred to the Zagreb campus from Dubai.

"I believe that  this  is one  of the best decisions I have made in my life. It’s not just about the university but the whole experience. I faced  a lot of challenges, especially language and culture. It is not easy to lead an independent life. Starting from maintaining a budget to saving up money for fun and travels, I learned  a lot.”

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