Parents share enrollment stories

May 13, 2019

Helping a son or daughter choose a college is one of the most important, and most challenging tasks that any parent faces. Of course, all parents want the best for their children, but sometimes it’s hard to know in advance exactly what the best choice would be. We talked to parents of two RIT Croatia freshman students, who shared their thoughts on their children’s college choice.

Victoria Knežević is a lawyer from Dubrovnik whose daughter is current- ly studying Information Technology / Web and Mobile Computing program in Dubrovnik. Dr. Aleksandra Palada works as Senior Medical Manager at a well-known pharmaceutical house. Her son is studying International Business Studies at the Zagreb campus.


The choice of higher education affects the direction in which our lives and careers will develop further. How did your child make a decision about that next step in education and what was your parental role?

Viktorija Knežević: After hearing a presentation about RIT Croatia at Gimnazija Dubrovnik, my daughter came home full of enthusiasm and announced that she had decided where to enroll. I must admit that at the beginning I did not support her decision. I thought it was far better to sign up for FER (at the University of Zagreb) to study computing. I had the prejudice that a private college is not as good our well known public universities. For months we argued about it. I did not want to give in, and she was persistent. But then I met a number of young people who had graduated from RIT Croatia and found good jobs in their chosen fields. Their parents were very satisfied with the education their children acquired. And so I changed my mind, and decided to support my daughter in her choice of RIT Croatia.

Aleksandra Palada: Stjepan did not start off planning to study at RIT. During his high school education, he considered the Maritime Faculty in Split. However, one day in the spring of his fourth year, he asked me what I would say about him enrolling at RIT. At that time, I did not know anything about this college. He had heard about RIT from his school colleagues and he collected information about the International Business program. But I knew that I wanted to support his decision. Fortunately, there is plenty of information on RIT’s website and, after studying it, I liked the idea that Stjepan would get an education that would make him employable all over the world. Stjepan made a decision about enrollment very quickly, in a few weeks, and I supported him in everything.


What do you think are the characteristics of quality education and how should colleges prepare students for their professional life?

Viktorija Knežević: I support the way RIT Croatia prepares students, through a lot of practical work, encouraging research, resourcefulness and teamwork. I’m sorry that there were no educational institutions of this type when I was a student in Croatia. RIT is a whole new, different world compared to typical Croatian institutions. Teachers really care that students learn more, the relationship is full of respect for these young people and their parents, because we all have the same goal - to prepare them as best as we can for life.

Aleksandra Palada: The fact that RIT is very serious about academic integrity is very important to me; cheating should not be tolerated and any other dishonesty during the study. That’s what’s missing  in our society and other institutions of higher education.


Are you satisfied with your decision to enroll your child at RIT Croatia?

Aleksandra Palada: Yes, I am. Even after finishing the first semester, I saw progress and growth in Stjepan. He worked hard and started studying and working from the very beginning. Classes in English are not a problem for him. He enjoys the lectures and likes the system of continuous assessment. RIT Croatia is helping him to become the best version of himself.

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